15 Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

Travelling is a thrilling, astonishing and stirring experience. It gives you relief and days off from your routine life. It helps you to enjoy the nature and nature’s miracles. Some people have hobbies and travelling is one of them. In order to fulfill that hobby one needs to have a perfect backpack. The lists of 15 best travel gadgets that a smart backpack must have are listed below.

15 Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

There hundred of useful gadgets that comes handy when you travel and make things easier. We have listed the 15 best travel gadgets for backpackers to make their journey full of fun. Get to know about these gadgets and choose one perfect fit for you.

1. Camera with Lens

The views or moments that are spent are very special and should be captured and saved. The smartphones now a days possess best quality cameras too, but for videos and wide range of photography one needs a professional camera. One of the best cameras are Canon Mark IV along with the lens like Canon EF 70 have amazed the world. This makes camera a useful travel gadget for travelling.

2. Camera Tripod

While travelling alone your prior gadget must be a tripod. It will help you to click your own photos and also will help you in vloging all your trip. In order to click a stable picture one must have a tripod. Having a tripod you can execute all your ideas about photography. AmazonBasic tripod is a high quality tripod which is easy to carry and handle too.

3. Lens Cleaner

Either you are travelling for recreation, vloging or to make a documentary. You require a good camera along with its lens cleaner. If the weather conditions are dusty or windy, it will cause an effect on the video quality. To avoid such problems one must a lens cleaner.

4. Audio Recorder

When it comes to making videos and vlogging, audio is an essential part of it. Make sure to have good audio recorder to avoid the noisy sound issues.
Boya audio recorders and Mouriv microphones are used to cancel out the wind noise and make your sound clear in fast wind too.

5. Mavic Air Quadcoptor Drone

Mavic air drone is also a smart device that flies in the air and records high quality videos. It has multiple propellers that help the drone to fly. It has a mounted camera on it that records the video. Drone is made up of hard material that it resists the hard climate too. It is a compact device that it won’t take much of space in backpack. Mavic Air Drone a perfect match if you love landscapes and nature. It’s tiny in size that can fit in a small bag easily.

6. KitSound Hive2 Bluetooth Speaker

Music is an essential partner of travelling. Without music the journey feels like incomplete. A portable speaker can be carried easily in the pocket. Pack up entertainment with you wherever you travelling. KitSound Hive2 is a really small in size that doesn’t need any big space to fit in. It’s wireless with really high quality sound system. Now a day small portable speaker has enough sound to keep you enjoying.

7. Mophie Power Bank

It has become a very important gadget in the recent era when you’re travelling. The battery time of the phones are not very long lasting which has made power banks a requirement while travelling. Mophie Powerstation power bank stores power and charges maximum phones. The power bank has power in mAh and power banks are available in the market in different varieties. It is a useful and a must gadget while travelling.

8. Solar USB Charger

A Solar USB charger is a solution to every problem related charging. A place where there’s no electric supply, there must be sunshine. You simply have to expose your solar charger to sun and plug in your mobile, power bank and laptop to charge them easily.

9. Aputure AL-MX Pocket Size LED

A pocket size LED light is a very useful and helpful gadget. Sometimes it will help you in low light video shooting. Sometimes it will help you in your camp if you are camping outdoor at night. This Aputure Pocket size LED has three modes i.e. low, medium and high light. It is a very small but a purposeful gadget.

10. Accessories Bag

In 21st century, smartphones and electronic gadgets have taken over the world. To keep those gadgets running you need to charge them. In order to charge them you need cables. Small kit bag is used to carry all the cables, earphones and USB’s. In this bag all your accessories will be kept well organized and safe. There is a fair chance of leaving your charger behind; if you will have a separate kit bag it will help you to collect all your accessories properly.

11. Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

While travelling to different areas where drinking water is contaminated and harmful for drinking. Water varies from region to region and you can’t be sure if it suits to you or causes any sickness. Here comes this bottle handy to purify water to use without being afraid of sickness. One must have a water purifying bottle which will clean the water and will make it healthy for drinking.

12. Sleep Mask & Ear Buds

Whether you are travelling by air or by road, you need a sleeping mask and ear buds too. Ear buds are very essential in the aero-plane because the pressure of air affect your ears very much. A sleeping mask helps you sleep longer even when sun comes out too. Sleeping mask provides you better comfort while sleeping.

13. Multi-function Screw Driver

While travelling to a far-away hill station you might require a screw driver for any troubleshooting. Your drone can require little adjustment or your LED light. It is also a small but a very essential gadget to have while travelling.  Get things fixed on the go with this multi functional screw driver.

14. Sand-free Beach Mat

Sand less beach mat is a special gadget if you are travelling towards a beach. Sand can be really annoying and even allergic to skin sometimes. Get safe with this really nice sand free mat. No more annoying and etching sand with this mat.

15. Universal Travel Adapter

Electric sockets varies from country to country and it can be a really problematic if you don’t have a matching socket and will result into dead battery of your devices like phones or laptops. To get your machines charged anywhere wherever you go without getting stuck with this universal travel adapter.

These are the 15 best travel gadgets for backpackers according to the needs and usability. There are many others you can find but these are the most handy travel gadgets you can get for your next tour.

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