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Airbnb is the one of the most popular space hosting service where anyone can host their spare home space to the travelers to make a handsome cash. Airbnb allows any home owner to rent out their free rooms for a cost. So, hosting travelers also requires to make sure you’re secure, as most of the time owners can’t be at home. That’s the reason these smart locks introduced and made hosting easier without worrying about anything and sticking to home. Finding the perfect best smart locks for airbnb is quite hard. So, here we have gathered a list of best smart locks for airbnb host assistant you can review and trust.

Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

All the best smart locks for airbnb for complete comfort of mind. Check out all the best locks below.


Ring Video Door Bell

Schlage Lock Company BE468CEN626

Yale Security YRD256

August Smart Lock

Kwikset – Kevo 99250

1. Ring Video Door Bell

best smart lock for airbnb ring door bell

Ring is the smart video door bell with different sort of alerts like motion detectors. It’s introduced by a startup and later it’s acquired by the Amazon for $1 billion. Ring door bell is the perfect fit for airbnb hosts.

Features of Ring Video Door Bell

  • Connect Ring video doorbell with Alexa then enable specific alerts as per your needs. Once done, watch your front door view and answer to the visitors remotely from your phone.
  • It sends alerts on different alerts set by the owner, like motion detection or push of doorbell.
  • Easy to install and work with every home.
  • Supports HD video with infrared night vision.
  • Remote live view of your house.
  • Ring gives lifetime theft protection to it’s customers if a bell gets stolen.

2. Schlage Lock Company BE468CEN626

schlage best airbnb smart lock

Schlage Lock gives complete freedom of mind by offering multiple unique codes for each user. It can store nearly 30 users unlock codes at a time. It comes with anti-pick shield so need need to worry about it’s theft. Even Schlage lock gives your freedom to choose a color that matches to your door. It can be used in home automation too, which can even work remotely to open close the doors and windows from just your smartphone.

Features of Schlage Lock

  • Durable Matte Touchscreen to protect fingerprints.
  • Anti-lock tempering and anti-pick shield protection.
  • LED easy to access keypad for the darkness.
  • Supports all home automation functions.

3. Yale Security YRD256

yale airbnb smart lock

Yale Security givess comprehensive security network for your home. Yale smart lock is a keyless lock which comes with a sensor August Connect. It allows access to Yale through an app August which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Yale lock can sense you through your phone and unlock the door automatically when you come to it’s range. Seamlessly integrates with Airbnb and HomeAway for simplified check-in and check-outs.

Features of Yale Security YRD256

  • Keyless touchscreen keypad.
  • Customized lock and sensor settings easily through August application.
  • It supports all the most popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Sense and unlock the door automatically when you’re at the door.
  • Sensor that alerts when door is not closed.

4. August Smart Lock

august best smart locks for airbnb

If you’re looking for best smart locks for airbnb then August smart lock is a perfect match for your hosting space solutions. It establishes connection through Bluetooth, and also can control the lock through an app. Using August app, you can access codes and can share or delete. It’s installation is very simple and doesn’t take long. As August comes with a dedicated smart hub, which makes it’s cheaper than the others.

Features of August Smart Lock

  • Key-less smart lock.
  • Attach to any deadbolt easily.
  • Create and share keys remotely and let the guest open the door using your shared key.
  • Granted access control.
  • August door sense alerts if the door is open.
  • Locks and unlocks automatically once your go out or come back.

5. Kwikset – Kevo 99250

kevo best smart lock for airbnb

Kevo is the most simple door lock which have all the super powers of smart locks. It looks like an ordinary deadbolt lock from the outside. But, it’s a smart lock powered with all the exciting features on board. Kevo also supports voice assistant devices. Kevo uses Bluetooth for establishing connection between lock and phone. It’s a good match if you’re going to list your property on airbnb.

Features of Kwikset – Kevo 99250

  • Supports voice assistants.
  • Remote lock access.
  • Provides faster and reliable connection.
  • Easy to install and get eKeys.
  • Sleek metal design.
  • Supports all smartphones over Android version 5.0.

These are all the best smart locks for airbnb host assistant. Make sure to install a lock before you start hosting the guests to make inconvenience free hosting experience.

Airbnb Smart Lock Instructions – Airbnb Host Assistant

Airbnb host assistant on how smart lock works and how it can be configured for ultimate security? Every smart lock have their different type of configurations but concept and working of all airbnb smart locks are same. Airbnb smart lock instructinos are very simple. Install the smart lock, create an unlock key and share with your guests. You can delete or change unlock key any time.


Ring Video Door Bell

Schlage Lock Company BE468CEN626

Yale Security YRD256

August Smart Lock

Kwikset – Kevo 99250
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