5 Best Airbnb Security Cameras to Buy – Review

When it comes to hosting guests on Airbnb, security is also a big concern. Most of the airbnb hosts use different security gadgets to make the perimeter secure. Security cameras and smart locks for airbnb are one of the most used and preferred gadgets to secure and monitor the activities around the home place. It’s really a great idea to keep an eye over rental property. Security cameras also helps to resolve the Airbnb disputes in Resolution Center if anything goes wrong. It’s very easy to setup security cameras. Security cameras are good when it comes to home automation. To find out the best airbnb security camera is a bit hard as most of the people is unaware of these things. So, here we listed few of the best airbnb security cameras to buy.

Best Airbnb Security Cameras to Buy

Review all the best Airbnb Security cameras before you buy to make sure it matches to your needs.

1. Arlo Security System

airbnb arlo home security - arlo security camera review
  • Live Video Streaming. WiFi Supported.
  • Bidirectional audio and video.
  • Night vision supported, works even in darkness.
  • Motion detection sensor alert notifications.
  • Weather resistant.

Arlo security system by NETGEAR offers wide range of security and surveillance cameras for both indoor and outdoor. Arlo security camera supports both options wifi and wired. The best thing about this camera is it’s motion detection sensor that notifies owner by an email or message alert for any unusual activity. It’s really easy to setup for the airbnb property security.

2. Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Google NestCam for airbnb - NestCam Review
  • Wide angle view.
  • Night Vision with 8 Infrared LEDs.
  • Alerts for unusual activity.
  • Two way audio supported.
  • 24/7 cloud recording with Nest Aware service.

Google Nest Cam is a google product, very advanced smart security camera and even very trending in the market. It offers all the features that any other smart camera can offer. It’s a bit hard to setup than Arlo but overall it’s a great option in airbnb security camera to use. Nest Cams are a very similar option in terms of features.

3. Ring Floodlight Camera

ring floodlight camera for airbnb
  • Echo Dot supported.
  • Live video streaming.
  • Sends alerts for unusual motion detection.
  • Night vision supported with HD 1080p resolution.
  • Includes a siren.
  • Free Lifetime Theft Replacement.

Ring security Camera with Floodlight and motion activated high definition camera including lights and a siren. Surveillance and monitor your airbnb property in HD quality. It even puts light on the blind-spots. It alarms siren and notifies you on your phone if there’s any unusual activity.

4. Canary Flex Security Camera

canary flex security camera for airbnb - canary flex security camera review
  • AI-powered Intelligence alerts for motion detection.
  • Alexa voice control supported.
  • Wifi powered remote video stream.
  • Stream video to Echo Show or Echo Spot.
  • Auto night vision with image pan and zoom.
  • One-touch Emergency Services (Police, fire brigade numbers pre-populated in app).

Canary flex is one of the most advanced security camera powered with AI technology for motion detection, alert generation and alarming about any intruder activity. One of it’s best feature is, it gives opportunity to access emergency contact numbers within the app to tackle any emergency situation.

5. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System

Zmodo wireless security camera is another good option for airbnb security camera for an effective price. These cameras are cheaper in price which supports a lower resolution of 720p instead of 1080p other than Arlo or Nest.

There’s many other security cameras for airbnb but these are the 5 top of the list best airbnb security cameras. You can also check out the best smart locks for airbnb to make your property more secure with a smart lock.

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